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Sufi (صُوفِيّ)

Sufi (صُوفِيّ)


People believe in purification, they believe in a pure beginning. They believe in the ability to reset to zero, to walk on water without being pulled by stones to the bottom. But the fact is that we already exist, we are here, that we live, we appeared in this life already carrying some baggage, which we cannot get rid of.

People believe in life, in some higher meaning of it. They believe in the opportunity to live again, to get another chance.

People believe in love. People believe in other people, in healers. But everyone in this dance remains one to one with himself (well, with his imaginary God, or for others a real, but invisible God).

Trying to heal is meaningless; to be healed, to be cleansed is purely individual... just like faith.

  • 21 x 29

    paper, ink

  • 2020

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