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The Portrait

The Portrait


To write or not to write about myself?! I've decided to write:  the reason is heaviness. I became heavier. 'd read about the past, to get rid of internal burning, but it turned out the opposite. It turned out the memory with its unique ability to forget makes life easier. And the subconscious, sucker, accumulates the trash in itself. Here is the reason for the inner burning. 'd read about the past. 'd found so much thanking words to the Force for the ability to write. Methods are not important, the point is in the ability of self-expression. There is no way to get out without the ability to pour everything out in peaces. I'd read about the past. I'd compared with the present (There is no need to pretend something, that was the true goal... no involuntary act.) It turned out that from the ease of perceiving the surrounding energy I've turned into a defender...

  • 29 x 41

    paper,mixed media

  • 2014

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