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It is so hard to keep it inside. You endure by clutching teeth. Checking the stamina... Letting your thoughts be free, the farther you go, the less your heart will shrink, the easier it will be to breathe. What is the next f**king stereotype, what?! The canon that has arisen to dispel spiritual impulses?!
Distances part. Time heals.
Perhaps it will stop talking, stop yelling as before. Now numbness, but not gone. One instant, unexpected, fateful meeting is enough - everything will be thrown out...
And you act like a balanced, adult, calm fellow. After all, today they flatter, they defy the strong... not babies crying because of scratches, not screaming like the rage of madmen.
Stop pretending what you are not. You're the same crazy kid who just went numb. You can seem calm, but inside are exploding.
  • 43 x 51

    paper, ink

  • 2019

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