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Good News, Bad News, Fake News

Good News, Bad News, Fake News


The whole ambiance, the whole world, we are all solid waves, a huge network of waves. All beings have the ability to see and hear a certain part of these waves. The rest is on our brain: it puts the waves on shelves, gives colors, evokes emotions. There is no definite general rules for the classification of the waves. You say science: physics is a discipline invented by people in the hopes of simplifying life. Understanding will make it easier to live through. We, after all, began to think unlike animals, wondering the endless "why"s. But we have no one to be judged by if we are right in the guesses or just mystifying. We both criticize and praise ourselves... 

The brain is not a gift. It magnetically draws in waves, and thinks up different characters for them, names, classifies them into good, bad, so determines the further path. Isn't all this relative? Isn't it all fake?! 

Everything is so ironic.

  • 43 X 51

    paper, felt pens

  • 2020

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