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Before an idea materializes there is some definite time when it prepares, cooks, only then it is ready to be taken from the oven. You cannot count that time of preparation. You just know it. Drop by drop the world around, the universe gives you signs filling the bowl. Consequences?.. And then boom, it bleats out onto canvas.



There is always some paradox in every work of art!.. which makes it be balanced.

Good or Evil? Blood or Water? Life or Death? Angel or Demon? God or Shaitan? Ram or Goat? Religion or Common Sense? Everyone has their own interpretation. What was the author thinking? Was he thinking at all?

We create a riddle, you read. Well, or just watch without thinking: the goat is behind the herd of sheep.

  • 95 x 115

    oil on canvas

  • 2021-2022

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