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Welcome to Life

Welcome to Life


The girl reminds me of myself a little. Little me. But much different. I feel her power and truly believe she won't let anyone shut it down. 


"My lovely, I understand you think these days are the most important ones in your life, that the whole life will go on by your one choice, your decision... Do not be afraid to make mistakes. There is never a wrong choice, and trust me, getting older you will be surprised how ridiculous your fears were. Whatever you do, you choose, wherever you go the life will put you to the place you belong. Trust my words, the words of someone who still truly knows a shit about life. 

Be happy for each day of your life. Happy you live. Happy not only for the birthday, but all days of your past, present and future life. Welcome to life".

  • 21 x 29

    paper, ink

  • 2020

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