Heyran Mustafa-Zade

Heyran is Prague based artist, originally from Baku, Azerbaijan. She is a graduate of Fine Arts classes in the Palace for Creativity of Youth and Children by T. Ismayilov, participant and the laureate of more than 30 local and international art projects.

Being art director and graphic designer of different organization and companies in Baku she graduates bachelor honors degree in 2013, applies for the master in Czechia where she moves and lives till now.

In 2016 after master degree on Faculty of Arts at Ostrava University she is invited to the capital as Senior Designer and Marketing Specialist for one of the biggest transportation companies in Eastern and Central Europe.Nowadays Heyran continues to develop her skills in graphic arts, painting and mixed media, taking place in international contests and planning personal exhibitions in the city of Prague.



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“The satisfaction of the creative impulse is a basic, biological need, essential to the health of the individual... Art is one of the few important means known to man for the articulation of this impulse”.

Mark Rothko